Idea Gallery

These photos are staged to give you possible ideas and give you a feel for my work. Any of these themes can be adapted for any kind of occasion.

Click on any of the images for a larger view.

Simply Alice

What is it about this little girl and her adventures that captivates us so?  “Simply Alice” is delicate, lovely and charming; suited for a Tea or a Story-book party.

A Tuscan Table Top

I love lemons and Italy so I wanted to play with this concept; suited to a dinner party or a milestone celebration.

Queen of Hearts

Divergent from the pastel “Alice”, this party set-up is dramatic and kitchy.  Once again, it lends itself to add a Tea component or a “story book” party.

Welcome to the Carnival

This is such a flexible theme that it can be tailored to fit any age group and any type of event.  It is configured here with a children’s party in mind and makes a great “Story Book Party” featuring the charming book “Circus Ship.”

Baby Ballerina

Girls and the enchantments of the ballet just go together! This particular party was designed with the littlest ballerina in mind. Perhaps she would like to have her party while her dolls have one of their own! An event to remember offers several styles of ballet parties and has a large assortment of ballet story books that can be featured.

Peter Rabbit

Who doesn’t love the timeless tale of Peter Rabbit?  Perfect for a baby shower or a Story Book Party. There is lots of fun to be had with Peter and his friends!

Story Book Party

It would be lovely to hold this party outside in a garden; also could be set as a Tea.

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter is a fun and most adaptable theme! It can be produced any way you would like, be it pastel and vintage or bright and pop art. Below are some concept, vignette photographs.